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Knee Cap Instability in Children (Unstable Kneecap)

The patella (kneecap) is normally resting in a groove at the end of the thighbone (femur). As the knee moves, the patella moves up and down within the groove. Sometimes the patella can shift out of the groove during an injury or sudden movements - this is called subluxation if it partially moves or dislocation if it jumps all the way out.

Our Patients

Sydney Aronson

Sydney Aronson, Team Captain and Impact Player of the year at LaGrange College, had a major setback when she tore her ACL during her senior year of high school. Thanks to hard work, dedication, and a committed orthopedic surgical team at Georgia Bone and Joint, Sydney is stronger than ever and back in the game!
- Sydney Aronson, March 12, 2015

Cameron Walker

My name is Cameron Walker. When I injured my knee I immediately came to Georgia Bone & Joint. The physicians and the staff at Georgia Bone & Joint are part of our Cougar Family.
- Cameron Walker, February 22, 2012

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