Workers’ Compensation

At Georgia Bone & Joint, our goal in caring for employees is to get them healthy and back to work as soon as possible. We also try to arrange same-day treatment so that our workers’ compensation patients can start their treatment and healing process as soon as possible. As part of this process, we coordinate with employers, claims adjusters, and case managers so that the process is as smooth and trouble-free for the employer as it is for the injured worker. Our doctors bring their board-certified experience in musculoskeletal performance and recovery to their philosophy and care of employees. We know that staying healthy at work is the key to a productive workplace, and we view our workers’ compensation patients as industrial athletes who deserve the best treatment possible so they can continue to work safely and effectively.

Georgia Bone & Joint takes full advantage of its location on the Summit Healthplex campus, a comprehensive health and wellness campus in Newnan containing full-service medical practices: outpatient surgery, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, urgent care, internal medicine, pain management, medical imaging, fitness, and a pharmacy. At the Summit Healthplex, our doctors perform outpatient surgery in the Summit Orthopaedic Surgery Center and also perform surgery at both Piedmont Newnan Hospital and Piedmont Fayette Hospital. We work seamlessly with the professional therapists at the Georgia Rehabilitation Center, the doctors at Summit Occupational Medicine, and the wellness trainers at the Summit YMCA. Therapists are also available in our offices in Peachtree City.

Georgia Bone & Joint’s doctors have a well-deserved reputation as experts in workers’ compensation, appearing on the doctor panels of dozens of industries of every size throughout our region and recommended by the case managers of major workers’ compensation carriers. In addition to our doctors’ experience and seamless access to other necessary wellness services, we provide a single point of contact for case management who tracks every aspect of each case for the employee/patient, the employer, and insurance adjusters. Our workers’ compensation coordinator and our occupational services manager stay up-to-date with the latest issues in workers’ compensation and provide timely and thorough communications with you to support you in every aspect of workers’ compensation, including your panels and any questions related to both medical and non-medical issues of workers’ compensation.

If you have questions regarding our workers’ compensation program, please call our workers’ compensation coordinator, Vickie Calhoun, at 770-502-2175.