Georgia Bone & Joint Physical Therapy: The Road to Recovery

Georgia Bone & Joint Physical Therapy: The Road to Recovery

Physical therapy is a vital factor in recovering from almost any orthopedic issue, and the quality of care matters. Georgia Bone & Joint Physical Therapy is not only the largest practice in the area, our physical therapists’ direct lines of communication with Georgia Bone & Joint orthopedists, our one-on-one therapy protocol, and our community engagement add up to the highest quality care in Coweta County. With our physical therapists, you will find the best opportunity of returning to your normal active life, work, or sport as soon as possible.

Direct Access to Orthopedists

Located onsite at the Georgia Bone & Joint campus in Newnan, our physical therapy center is directly across the hall from the same-day surgery unit and one floor away from our orthopedists’ offices. Whenever we’re in the office, our physicians are also here and readily available to come to the physical therapy department to answer questions or to help with any issues. Our Peachtree City office also has a dedicated staff of therapists, and both locations offer a full range of orthopedic therapy services

One-on-One Care

Continuity of care begins with evaluation and lasts throughout treatment to the final visit. In contrast to the typical ratio of multiple patients to one physical therapist, each of our therapists works one-on-one with a single patient. This means there’s no waiting until the therapist has time to work with you. It also allows the therapist to monitor your progress more closely, communicate effectively with your physician and alter your individualized treatment plan as needed.

Our new facility at the Georgia Bone & Joint campus was designed by our experienced physical therapists with usability and patient privacy in mind. During your appointment, we provide hands-on treatment that cannot be done at home to address your current concerns. In keeping with our one-on-one care philosophy, we emphasize hands-on manual therapy, including myofascial release and dry needling as appropriate, combined with a dynamic exercise program in order to maximize progress while in the clinic and at home.

Community Connections

Our commitment to this community extends outside of the office as well — to the playing fields of East Coweta, Heritage, Newnan, and Northgate schools. Our physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists attend sporting events at each school and have developed strong relationships with the coaches and athletic trainers. Because of our involvement, we have built direct lines of communication with school trainers that allow student athletes to come to the office as soon as a need arises to see a physician and begin a treatment and rehabilitation program.

In addition to our work with student athletes, we partner with Central Education Center to allow high school interns to participate in work-based learning at the Georgia Bone & Joint campus. Nurturing the student athletes and healthcare workforce of the next generation is all part of our commitment to you and to this community.