The Spine Center of Georgia Bone & Joint

If you have spine pain, your top priorities are probably becoming pain-free and resuming your active life. With the opening of The Spine Center of Georgia Bone & Joint, your options for healing just got better. Our separate, special area of the Summit Healthplex is dedicated solely to providing the least invasive solution to your spine issue and helping you return to your normal life.

From Imaging to Rehabilitation

The healing begins when a patient steps into the comfortable, inviting space of The Spine Center, where the full range of services dedicated to spine health is available in a single location. The center itself includes an MRI scanner for imaging, exam rooms, a special procedure room for pain injections and other small procedures, and the only outpatient surgery unit dedicated to spine surgery in Coweta County.

This state-of-the-art unit gives our doctors the capability to perform many surgical procedures on an outpatient basis. Many patients who need surgery to repair, replace, or fuse painful discs can come to The Spine Center for surgery and return home the same day to recover. Our focus is getting you moving again with the smallest incision and the quickest recovery possible, using minimally invasive procedures. More complicated spine surgery that requires overnight care is performed at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Physical therapists who provide essential rehabilitation services are right next door to The Spine Center in the Physical Therapy area of the Georgia Bone and Joint Campus.

Our Specially Trained Staff

The Spine Center’s team of doctors, physician assistants, and nurses are trained specifically for spine care and focus only on back health. For example, every MRI completed at The Spine Center is read by a neuroradiologist—a radiologist who is specially trained to diagnose problems with the nervous system, spine, head, and neck.

Georgia Bone & Joint has been fortunate to include Chad Kessler, MD, a renowned orthopedic surgeon who is specialty trained to treat the spine, for the last 20 years. During Dr. Kessler’s years in Newnan, the options for addressing back injuries have expanded dramatically. “We’re constantly evolving to use new techniques and to keep up with state-of-the-art technology,” affirms Dr. Kessler. Adding staff with unique capabilities is part of the vision that led to the development of The Spine Center.   

Our newest staff member, Trevor Turner, MD, FAWM, specializes in rehabilitation medicine (Physiatry). Dr. Turner does not perform surgery; instead, he focuses on healing orthopedic injuries with treatments such as physical therapy, injections, and ablations to control nerve pain. He also has expertise in regenerative medicine. This emerging field uses the latest technology of stem cell and plasma injections that rely on the body’s natural healing power.

As the need for this orthopedic subspecialty grows in our community, we anticipate adding an additional spine surgeon.

Our Calling

Relief from pain, patient safety, the convenience of services—each of these is central to our mission in caring for you. No longer does back pain mean you will probably face surgery. In fact, “surgery is the absolute last resort,” according to Dr. Kessler, who supervises The Spine Center. He estimates that “perhaps 95% of our patients” can be helped by nonsurgical treatments that focus on physical therapy, overall body health, anti-inflammatory medicines, and injections to relieve pain, if appropriate. We’re confident that you will find the help you need to get moving again at The Spine Center of Georgia Bone & Joint.