Shelter in Place with TeleMedicine


On March 25th, 2020, the Georgia governor Brain Kemp and the Coweta County Board of Commissioners ordered a shelter-in-place for residents in order to help reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. The basic idea is to get the general population to wash their hands, maintain a distance of greater than 6 feet from people outside the home (social distancing), practice isolation if having symptoms without an emergency, and limit large gatherings above 10 people. This can help keep people out of the emergency rooms and reserve hospitals for the treatment of the severely ill. 

Georgia Bone & Joint Response

Georgia Bone and Joint has committed to the continuity of care with our patients for all of their orthopedic needs, and we have remained open. We see the need to continue care as part of our ethical obligation as healthcare practitioners in a time where we can relieve some of the burdens on the hospital systems. While we have limited our surgical interventions to emergency care, we continue to monitor the risk of COVID-19 on a daily basis and have implemented the CDC’s Guidance for Healthcare Facilities.

Telemedicine at Georgia Bone & Joint

Many of our patients who need to talk with their doctors or to be seen by them for routine care have turned to a live video option that still protects their private health information with Telemedicine. What this means is that GB&J helps our patients sign up for a platform called OrthoLive where your doctor can see you in a virtual visit using your smartphone, tablet, or computer all from the comfort of your home. Not only can this save you time, but it can also help higher-risk individuals reduce their chance of exposure as they are trying to shelter-in-place. To get set up, consider booking online. 

Insurance Coverage for TeleMedicine 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance payers have dramatically extended their coverage for telemedicine, and some have even waived all copays for 90 days. Congress also recently approved all Medicare patients to be able to use telemedicine from the comfort of their homes, which is a major change for healthcare delivery in the United States.

What about Physical Therapy During COVID-19?

Many patients have also reduced their in-person physical therapy to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. However, GB&J has also committed to providing a digital orthopedic rehabilitation platform with Amp Recover ( Helping to tailor your therapy based upon your individual needs, we can ensure that there is no interruption in quality rehabilitation in a critical period of your recovery. To get started, call our therapy department at 770-254-7850 today.